Small Hemp Covered buckwheat hull/husk pillow also known as Japanese style soba Gara makura pillow 21" x 15"

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Small size Australian grown Buckwheat Hull Pillow Covered In Eco Friendly Hemp Covering.

Also know as Soba Gara Makura Japanese style buckwheat hull bed pillow.

Your pillow is covered  in 55% pure organic hemp and 45% certified organic cotton.

Hemp fabrics are great for allergy and asthma sufferers. Hemp breathes and has antibacteria

and antiviral properties which help promote a good sleep.

Not only do you get a good night sleep but hemp is enviromentally sustainable 

It has moderate water requirements, uses little or no herbicide pesticides  or fungicides

Hemp is breathable, protetive against UV rays.

Anti-bacterial and allergy friendly.

The fabric is washed at 40°C then softened with fruit enzymes.

Hemps durability will out last those made with cotton or synthetic fabrics.

The filling is made up of approximately 2.7 kilo's of Australian grown  buckwheat hull (husks) grown in New South Wales

Measurements of this pillow is length 21 inches or 53cm X width 15 inches approximately or 38cm 

comes with care instructions. I have listed a few frequent question and answers below.

Q1 Do you need to clean the hulls inside the pillow??
No. Hulls are actually the fibrous outer covering of the buckwheat. They act as a barrier for the seed. Keep the hulls inside the casing and they will not get soiled.
Q2 What is the best way to store my pillow
If you need to store your pillow may I suggest putting it in a plastic bag and store in the freezer
Q3 Can you wash the buckwheat hulls?
NO The buckwheat hulls should not get wet
Q4 How can I freshen the pillow?
Simply hang the pillow in the sun for a few hours to air it out. Your pillow casing may be taken off the pillow and laundered.
Q5 Do buckwheat pillows attract dust mites?
Q6 NO - Buckwheat pillows actually attract far fewer dust mites than other types of pillows since the hulls are inedible. If you are storing the pillows for any length of time, you may want to place them in a freezer for a couple hours a month, or use one of those sealable storage bags
Q7 How long do buckwheat pillows last?
Good quality buckwheat pillows last as long as 10 years. Good quality hulls have been cleaned many times over and 99% dust free. The hulls stay whole and do not compress - it is part of their structure - and that is why the pillows last as long as they do.
Q8 Do I need to change the hulls inside regularly?
You do not need to change the hulls regularly. Good quality pillows have the zipper along the side of the casing that allows you to add or subtract any amount of the buckwheat hulls if you wish so you can fit the pillow to meet your supportive needs.

Not only does it help you to get a wonderful night’s rest, but it is easy care, too!

IF YOU REQUIRE A BIGGER OR SMALLER SIZE PILLOW please send through a request

Pillow slip covers are available for purchase



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