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Why Hemp?

Hemp is: Environmentally friendly 
Modern technology can make hemp the most practical environmentally sensible textile on the planet.  It is a natural, rapidly renewable crop, needs little if any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and modest quantities of water.  Hemp fabric is warm in winter, cool and breathable in summer, organic, and can be blended easily with other textiles.

With the correct technology in place, it can provide a wide range of cloth textures, ranging from strong and durable to soft and comfortable.  Hemp's natural creamy colour eliminates the need for chlorine bleach.

Strength and durability
The quality of the fibre obtained from the hemp plant is what makes it outstanding against other natural fibres.  Due to its length (each fibre is as long as the plant itself, up to five metres), it can be spun into very durable material.

Hemp is up to 8 times the tensile strength and 4 times as durable as cotton.
Hemp can be extruded to make a soft silk-like fibre or used to make the strongest ropes.  It blends easily with other textiles to create both a very soft & durable fabric that feels good when worn.

Hemp fabric breathes wonderfully against the skin.
1-May relieve neck and back pain, 
3-muscle tension and may help with insomnia (sleepless nights)
4-Chiroprator recommended
Your pillow will conform to the contours of yourhead and neck
Other types of pillow stuffing compress where as buckwheat hull filling gives
the same amount of support in all areas minimizing the stress on all areas of the body.
This information is not to be considered medical advice.
Please consult your health practioner for any further
advice or recomendations.
Buckwheat hull has insulating properties 
-cool in summer
-warm in winter.
Buckwheat pillows last on average 10 or so years. All that is required
in that time maybe is a top up bag of hull, my pillows come with a zip closure
so no trouble to unzip and add or subtract buckwheat as required.
To Store any left over hull in a plastic bag and put in your freezer.
For airing your pillow put it  out in our beautiful sunshine regularly.
Buckwheat hull are the husks that protect the buckwheat kernel, and usually
dicarded, so using it to fill our pillows, mattresses, toys etc, makes it also a very
sustainable product, also degradable, and eco friendly, my hull is grown in New South Wales.
Buckwheat pillows are not suitable for babies or young children.
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